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This site is devoted to bird names in different languages of Asia. Sibagu is the Classical Mongolian word for 'bird'. In the traditional script this is written sibag, using the letters ᠰ᠊, ᠊ᠢ᠊, ᠊ᠪ᠊, ᠊ᠠ᠊, ᠊ᠭ᠋᠊, ᠊ᠣ (s-i-b-a-g-u) but it is pronounced shuvuu (or even shuwuu) in modern Mongolian.

The site icon is SIBAGU, a highly stylised version of the Mongolian traditional script based on calligraphy by the well-known Inner Mongolian artist Tuya. In this particular case the calligraphic style has been influenced by Chinese calligraphy, which visualises each character as a square. More traditional styles of Mongolian calligraphy are in linear form travelling from top to bottom down the page.

Current content is:

* How to find the Chinese species names of almost all the birds in the world, and find out the pronunciation and meaning as well.

* The convoluted way the Japanese have adapted Chinese characters to writing Japanese bird names.

* How the Chinese word for 'oriole', a staple of classical poetry, has been expanded to unrelated birds under the influence of Japanese.

* When translators completely ignore ornithological bird names -- a problem with the translation or a problem with bird names?

* Multilingual bird lists for the following countries:

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