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Site History in a Nutshell:

The original cjvlang site went up in mid-July 2000 and the Bird Names subsite (featuring Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese bird names) was begun around October of that year. Pelecanidae and Accipitrinae were among the first families to be uploaded. Despite interruptions, the list was essentially complete by June 2003. This involved making hundreds of tiny images to represent Chinese characters and Vietnamese words.

In 2004 information from sources such as Howard & Moore 2003 was incorporated. Links to photos on the Internet were added.

In 2005, the small images were converted to Unicode representations.

In 2006 Mainland Southeast Asian birds were added.

Little was done in 2007/2008, mainly as I was in Mongolia without books.

A major overhaul began in late 2008, culminating in the creation of Sibagu. Sibagu Vietnam went live in April 2009, followed by Sibagu Mongolia (August 2009), Sibagu Japan (November 2009), Sibagu Taiwan (February 2010), Sibagu China (March 2011), and finally Sibagu Thailand and Sibagu West Malaysia and Singapore (August 2013). Besides splitting lists up by country, Sibagu also added new languages -- Turkish, Kazakh, Korean, Thai, Malay, and Indonesian.

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